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Wire and Cables

Having developed and manufactured wire and cable compounds for over 31 years, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of compounds. Our products include Insulation, Sheathing, FRLS, HR and HFFR compounds. We can provide a custom solution tailored more closely to your needs. We produce the following grades of PVC Compounds.


    A. P. Plastic Industries holds an unparalleled position in the manufacture and supply of PVC compounds for extrusion grade compounds primarily in the Wire & Cables segment. The product portfolio includes diverse range of compounds for various cable types. With perhaps the widest variety of flexible extrusion grade compounds in the market, Products made from our products possess superior surface quality and meet the specific requirements. All our products are designed to be processed on high speed lines.

  • PVC FR/FRLS Compound

    Flame Retardant Compounds are extremely important in protecting people and property from fire. Their application is wide ranging and extends from electronic and electrical equipment to fibres, plastics and textiles etc. Many of today’s consumer products contains Flame Retardants and with the predicted continued growth of electronics, communications (mobile phones, palms tops etc) their use is likely to continue to increase! Although such compounds reduce the smoke density. Environmental Responsibility : These are based on the purpose to provide industry with safe environmental nature of advance additive formulation based on the combination of Phosphorus, Bromine and Nitrogen, which has proven high performance environment friendly supplier alternative.

  • PVC HFFR Compound

    Thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant compound is for cable insulation and sheathing. A flame-retardant low-smoke thermoplastic compound which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of limited toxic/corrosive fume emission, Good moisture resistance and hot pressure performance. It is developed to offer good proclivity at high extrusion speeds.

  • PVC Automotives Compound

    PVC Automotives compound is supplying products to organizations engaged in manufacture and supply ofAutomotive Wiring Harness, Wire sets, Gear Knobs, Handle Grips, Door Beadings, Steering wheels and Auto wire & cables etc. Our clients are market leaders and foremost vendors of leading auto-manufacturers in India. Compounds in this segment are developed considering high Physical, Mechanical, Thermo Mechanical and Cold endurance and Flammability properties and considering that these materials are maintaining higher percentage of property retention over the ageing process.

  • PVC ROHS Compound

    We are committed to offer a wide range of Lead Free PVC Compound for wire and cables. With our concern towards environment, we have managed to keep the content of lead to minimum or nearly zero. It is having Good insulation resistance, Low specific gravity, Flame retardant properties can be incorporated and it is having Good thermal stability. Keeping in line with the latest requirement in the industry. We have developed suitable grades of compounds, which are Heavy Metals free. These compounds are ideal for high end Auto cables and cords of electronic appliances.

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