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EVA Compounds

EVA Compounds are especially developed for HOT & COLD and Injection moulding cross-linked EVA foams. They are suitable for injection moulding of high quality slippers, sandles, mid-sole, complete boot, toys, automobile components and house hold goods etc.

Capacity addition has allowed us to introduce new and improved products, which have been manufactured on state-of-art production line imported from TIAWAN.

An internal kneader complemented by twin-screw which are used in continuous mixing of polymer along with various chemicals. Afterwards, the products are manufactured on twin-screw extruders ensuring the quality of the product. With the introduction of modern manufacturing systems such as batch loaders, we not only ensure the accuracy of the formulations but also prevent contamination of end product. Our compounds not only ensure the perfect finish and output rates but also adhere to the technical aspects of it. All the raw materials needed to manufacture EVA Compounds are sourced directly in bulk basis from best of the world manufacturers.

Application Field:

Injection molding of: Slippers – Sandals – mid-soles etc.

A. P. Plastic Industries EVA Compound has these characteristics:

  • No color variations.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Having bright colors and wonderful fine looking appearance.
  • Manufactures SOFT quality compounds for products like slippers & sandals made from our compound are comfortable for feet, suitable for picnic walking and can be worn and taken off easily.

The compounds are available in various size expansion and different colors according to the customer requirements.

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